Happy New Year / Open Day

ECO-PAN washout tray under a pump

ECO-PAN washout tray under a pump

As we enter the new year we look forward to more new machinery arrivals.

Our open day in December was a resounding success giving us the chance to showcase our newly designed Concrete Pumps c/w a new 12m³ Agitator. All are fitted with Stage IV Engines and our Auto Shut Off systems which are proving to be a real benefit to our customers.

We were also able to showcase an ECO-PAN washout tray under a pump as well as an ECO-PAN c/w with a blowout lid which eliminates many of the hazards associated with using compressed air to blow out concrete pumping lines.

Our customers seemed to get a lot from the day, especially those that enjoyed the hog roast with us!

Happy New Year to all and we wish you a successful 2019.