Static/Trailer Mounted Concrete Pumps

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PM55 Static/Trailer Mounted Concrete Pump
Designed originally by Premier, these concrete pumps are the smallest we offer in our specialist fleet. The PM55 is adaptable to all concrete pumping applications and suitable for certain grout mixes too. Like our other concrete pumps, they’re “remote controlled” with a Deutz Stage IIIB engine that complies with new emission regs.
UPDATE: We also have PM55’s fitted with a Deutz Stage IV Final engine for the latest LEZ 2020 requirements.

PCP60 Static/Trailer Mounted Concrete Pump
Another Premier innovation, bespoke built for piling in part by our operations team. These small to mid-range output concrete pumps are designed to be easy to use and versatile machines. They have been in our fleet for several months and continue to impress in performance. They come complete with LEZ 2020 compliant Euro Stage IV final engines fitted.

PM70 Static/Trailer Mounted Concrete Pump
These mid to large range output concrete pumps are incredibly popular and versatile machines. They have been a mainstay of our fleet for some time and continue to impress in performance. UPDATE: PM70's are available with Stage IV final engines that comply to emission regs now and going forward.

PCP80 Static/Trailer Mounted Concrete Pump

Built for Piling and the latest innovation from Premier. They are a new concept, designed and bespoke built in part by our operations team. These solid and reliable pumps are fitted with the latest Euro Stage V engines compliant for LEZ 2020 requirements and beyond!

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PM90 Static/Trailer Mounted Concrete Pump
These are the “big ones” of our fleet, perfect for the largest Piling projects, giving speed, volume and low delivery line pressure.

They are a new concept, designed and bespoke built in part by our operations team. Compliant to Euro Stage IIIB emissions.
Click on the following link to download the Concrete Pumps technical data.


ECO-PAN’s are a cost effective and reliable way to contain and recycle concrete waste in a safe and environmentally effective and compliant way.


Pipeline Hire
If the job you are on does not warrant purchasing Pipeline such as Flexible Hoses, Steel Pipes, Bends or Couplings etc we can hire them to you. You don’t even have to hire our Pumps.

Engine Emissions Equipment
As we try to be forward thinking at PCP we can offer the vast majority of our equipment fitted with Diesel Particulate Filters for the LEZ and similar schemes. We are also investing a great deal in new emission compliant machinery to meet the demands of the modern day construction project.

We can also fit Chalwyn Valves and Spark Arrestors to a lot of our machinery and such kit is becoming a more standard requirement for contracts such as in Petrochemical sites.

We have an inhouse training school able to train and test to CPCS standard as well give fresher training on Concrete Pumps, Agitators and Grout Pumps.

If any of the above is of interest please contact us to discuss.

Mobile Truck Mounted Concrete Pumps